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moving, part 3

I’ve been moved in for a month exactly now and art is finally going up on the walls. as I mentioned before, I had this Mona Prankster decal for months now but my extreme commitment phobia left it lying in my bedroom. but, last night, at 1 in the morning and due to extreme insomnia and a Roseanne marathon, I started putting it up. it’s now hanging over our mini media center in the dining room.

also, after a trip to ikea today, I finally purchased frames for these vintage italian prints I’ve had in my closet for years. 

they’re waiting to go on the wall! I also have a series of vintage maps I’m looking forward to hanging up as well. 

now, I’m looking for even more artwork to fill this apartment! here are a couple ideas I’m swooning over.

blik’s rococo pop decals, $70. so obsessed with decals and I love love love these. I would love to see them in our hallway that leads to the dining room/living room.

etsy’s chandelier decal, $19.99. I want a couple of these in bright colors in our living room, behind our tv. 

uo’s chalkboard decal, $24. I want this in our kitchen. so adorable for notes/memos/reminders. 

also, I am obsessed with these prints:

jan’s etsy shop, $19-24. Jan is a graphic designer, photographer and composer from the czech republic. I love the colors and simplicity of these posters. 

and, of course, september 13th is almost here so these have to be on my wishlist:

missoni for target

the only thing I’m worried about are all the frames I’m going to need to buy, so I started looking up other ways to display art. I’m thinking about trying one of the following out:

clipboard inspiration wall

clothes pins and wire. I would have to use stronger wire to hold up the heavier poster and I would space them out much further apart (this looks too cluttered for me), but I think the idea is super cute. especially if I paint my own clothes pins. 

pants hangers. HANGERS! PANTS HANGERS! hahaha! who would’ve guessed! 

in the meantime, it’s time to start going through my iphoto library to pick and choose images I’m finally going to print out to place in all these frames I want. I haven’t printed physical images in sooo long. damn technology! 

things are starting to come together and I could not be happier. dear god, I love decorating and researching!! it’s really disgusting. I also need to stop blogging at night, so I can take photos of our place in natural light. it’s soooo beautiful. I’ll have to do an entire tour of photos one day (mostly because my mom’s been nagging me for them, but also to share our progress!). someday! 

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