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frederic fekkai glossing shampoo & conditioner

about a month ago, I walked into ulta and walked back out with fekkai glossing shampoo and conditioner. I had been using bumble and bumble, along with some s-factor products (I still love love love how s-factor products smell. like candy!), but was getting antsy to try a new product.

usually, I research beauty products like I researched my car before I bought it. I look up reviews, compare prices, go through lists of ingredients, etc. I am obsessive about it and that’s why I can spend hours in a beauty store. unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I was with thomas this time so he was determined to get me in and out as quickly as possible.

the “hair artistry” aisle initially attracted me just because it was the most well-lit aisle and the set up on the shelves was minimal compared to the other crowded aisles. this is where I found fekkai’s glossing products. I picked it up because of the color and packaging, but was won over when I saw the words “olive oil.” 

I’m not sure how much people know this, but I loooooove olive oil as use in beauty products. if you just search “extra virgin olive oil” in makeupalley’s product reviews (this is where I usually go for the most comprehensive reviews on anything beauty related), you’ll find that it has a bajillion uses: as a moisturizer, a make up remover, to smooth out hair, and so many more. it’s a magical, magical thing. this is a sidenote I might expand on later, but I did start using olive oil as my face moisturizer about 4 months ago and my skin has never looked better. 

in any case! I bought the shampoo and conditioner (priced at 38.00 each for 16 oz.) and it’s been the best I’ve ever used! after I use it in the mornings, I find myself running my fingers through my hair all day at work (because I am super lame), but I have noticed my hair become noticeably softer and shinier. wowie wow wow!

olive oil is just the bestest ever! on my skin and now in my hair, I trust it for everything! and for food too! yummy. :D now, happy friday! and I’m off to shower and fall in love with my hair again. 

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